Friday, 17 February 2012

A Week in Bangkok...

So, last week we went to Bangkok, we had a brilliant time. The food was amazing, the weather was amazing, the beer was cheap! What more could you ask for? 

We jam packed loads into our week, and pretty much explored most of the city...

George at the snake farm
We went to a snake farm - not my choice as I am terrified of the bloody things, but George loves them! I was actually really impressed with it, they had lots of room in their enclosures and we actually saw them move - usually at reptile houses they are curled in tightly in the corner and never move an inch. 
They use the farm to extract venom for the anti-venom and they showed us how they milk them which was pretty cool - I wouldn't fancy the job of wrestling with king cobras though! There was a huge kind cobra in an enclosure, and I am not joking it was about 10 foot long and kept behind bars similar to those in Jurassic Park..quite unnerving when you realise these things are real and in the wild in this part of the world..eeek!!

This one was my favourite..fried cricket!!
Our first day in Bangkok was actually our anniversary, so we spent the day sightseeing and then decided to go and try some local food and some local beer on the famous Khoa San Road...we started to drink at around 4pm, and after a few bottles of Chang (7%) we we're ready to try more of the local cuisine...BUGS!!

The lethal Chang Beer...
A local lady found it hilarious that we were trying these and asked if she could take pictures of us eating them! lol! We ate crickets, frogs, grasshoppers, big grubs and smaller was a lot like i'm a Celebrity, only they weren't wriggling around!
I'm a celebrity Get me out of here!!

This was a brilliant afternoon, and one of the best places I have ever people-watched!!

This is a dog I almost bought home with cute!! They really go mad for small little dogs over there, we went to a market where they were selling them and selling more clothes than there were for humans!! This ones jumper I especially liked..

I love this picture, it reminds me of New York! It shows just how busy the city is! i took this from the Sky Train Station, this is one of the busiest roads in Bangkok, Sukhumvit. When we eventually go home, I want this picture up in my house!

We found a shopping centre called Terminal 21- one of about a million, which was a different country on each level! This is me feeling quite patriotic standing next to the London Bus!

Bangkok had some beautiful parks in the city, we spent an afternoon in Lumphini Park, which I think is maybe the biggest..beautiful lawns, with palm trees and huge lakes. We spotted lots and lots of water monitor lizards, swimming and walking out in front of us...they were fascinating to watch and absolutely huge! It was quite surreal to see them right in the middle of the city..
Now, obviously a trip to Bangkok would not be right without having a little look at the Red Light Districts. Well, we did..we went to Patpong & Soi Cowboy...and, they were eye opening! We were offered ping pong shows with menu's (pussy ping pong, pussy lights candle, pussy smokes cigarette and my favourite...pussy writes letter!!) Is there anything these ladies can't do!! 

This was another brilliant place to people watch, as you can imagine..plenty of old men with 'Thai Brides' and actually, a lot of father son combo's with a Thai woman each! 

We took in the sights, found a disco bar with a band and got drunk on Thai Whiskey! Much more enjoyable I'd say!

We had a brilliant time in Bangkok, to sum it up we ate our body weight in amazing food, drank our body weight in cheap beer, and took home some really amazing experiences! 

Gemma xx


  1. I love that they gave you a menu for the ping pong shows!! That's hilarious. They have some talented ladies in Bangkok! xx

  2. I know, it was hilarious! Me & George decided to ask for more things that the pussy could do..He asked, could pussy send a fax, I suggested 2 pussies working together doing a cats! The bloke just looked at us like we we're mental! It was very funny though, and I always on earth do you figure out that you have this talent!?

    1. I think its weird enough when people find they can bark like a dog or something, let alone smoke a cigarette with their lady parts! Lol. What about pussy flying a remote control aeroplane, or pussy chopping onions?? Would solve the problem of your eyes watering? x