About Me...

I am 20-4,5,6...ok, I'm 27! ..this is a running joke between my friends in that I won't ever admit my real age. They, and I have actually forgot what the real number is - but, hey I'm fine with that! 

I have a boyfriend, George - he's a little younger so maybe that's where the age issue comes in, he's 24..so, yes I have a toyboy! We are living in Bali at the moment.

I love Reading, in fact I have a book obsession! I am a member on Good Reads, which is slowly becoming a bit of an obsession...

That's another about me - I get obsessed with things quickly, like when I read Twilight it took over my life, next came Harry Potter..you get where I'm going with this....

I love anything leopard print, I love stand up comedy, I love Ricky Gervais, my favourite food in the world is cottage pie, I binge drink, I am a weight obsesser, I love speaking in different accents, and I love laughing and like to be around people who can make me laugh! 

I am not really a fan of TV unless it's America's Next Top Model, I watch it religiously..!

When I grow up, i want to be a Wedding Planner and am doing a course at the moment in Wedding Planning to get some background. That has been put on hold for the moment due to our Bali adventure!

My biggest fear in the world is bones - especially spines! Let me explain that, it's the look of them and the feel - I'm actually squirming as I type - to play leap frog, the person I was 'leaping' had to be wearing a very thick jumper!! My second worst fear is snakes - can't stop thinking about them (obsessive nature) now we're here in Bali...there are lots, venomous too :( 

My friends, and George call me the Queen of Random...I have a lot of random thoughts, which I just have to share with everyone, that could be another thing i blog, hence the name Gem Gem's Dreamworld...I'm in my Dream World a lot of the time!

That's it for now I think...I will be blogging Mainly Bali, Books & My Randomness, hope you enjoy!! 

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