Sunday, 19 February 2012

Coach Trip...

I can't believe I forgot to mention our Coach Trip in my Bangkok post! On our last day in Bangkok, we had a little bit of money left over (as the alcohol was so cheap) so we decided to go on a trip, to the Floating Markets, Tiger Temple & The Bridge over the River Kwai...

I'm calling it Coach Trip - because that's what it reminded us of, the really bad Channel 4 programme that although you don't like to admit, we have all watched it. We we're to be picked up at 6.20am..somewhere we got our wires crossed with Pam our tour guide, who everytime told us her name it was followed by spelling it to us P.A.M, Pam - just to make sure we got it. Anyway, we told Pam we would wait on the road outside our building but silly Pam waited in the lobby! George had the idea to run and check the opposite end of the building, and there she was - along with a 15 seater mini bus full of unhappy Indian, French & Russian guests who had been sat waiting for us for 20 minutes! We boarded, and walked past all of these really unhappy people who didn't even speak when we said Hi - we felt like we would definately be voted out first if this was the 'Coach Trip' 

First stop, the Floating Markets. We arrived and boarded a long tail speedboat (which George particularly enjoyed and decided to tell me all about the engines and the mechanics of!) which took us over to the markets...they we're exaclty what they we're - floating markets, we got a Gondola boat and had a little look through the market - the sneaky market stall holders have a hook-a-duck type device to drag your boat over to look over their stall...we bought, chicken legs on sticks and some 'boat noodles' which were absolutely delicious! 

Next Stop - Tiger Temple!
We arrived at Tiger Temple, and I wasn't appropriately dressed! Too sexy for the Buddhists (my shoulders were on show!) so, I had to borrow a T.shirt from Pam, P.A.M Pam. It was not the most flattering of ensembles! Anyway, we found our way to the Tigers and it was quite surreal about 15 tigers, some chained, some not, some asleep, some very much awake - and we were going to have our pictures taken with them! Crazy?? We had to go in one by one, and the guide held our hand and guided us round while the other one took the pictures - it was amazing, being so close to such a beautiful massive and, deadly animal! They were like enlarged house cats, they were rolling on their backs and enjoying belly was one of my most favourite experiences ever! 

Last stop was the Bridge over The river Kwai..this was just a short stop, but it was all we needed just to walk over the bridge, and read a little about it. I always like to see things like this, that mean something to so many people. I think I will have to watch the film now though to learn a little bit more about it (although, I would obviously never admit to my Dad that I haven't seen it...I would be up for adoption)!

I would recommend all of these things to visitors to Bangkok, it was a long day as we had to travel 2 hours out of the city, and we were knackered at the end of it - but well worth it! 

Gemma xx

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