Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Selamat Hari Raya - Galungan & Kunigan

"Happy Galungan & Kunigan Holiday"

It's Celebration time this week in Bali........ it's Galungan & Kunigan.

The holiday occurs every 210 days and lasts for 10 days. Kuningan is the last day of the holiday.

Galungan is the beginning, and today is the first day of the holiday. I have been reading up about it, and find it fascinating, so thought I would share.

During Galungan deceased ancestors of families come back to their former homes. And, the living relatives must make sure that they are suitably entertained and welcomed. It is believed that they will stay for 10 days, and will leave at Kunigan 10 days later!

Today, all the Balinese women have been preparing the food for the ceremony as offerings to the Gods and the relatives who will be coming back, we we're bought some delicious food (although we have no idea what it all was) they make plate ful
ls of it. The men slaughter the pigs & chickens, and unfortunately we got to see them killing a pig at the side of the road when we drove out yesterday! It was huge! Not a pleasant sight, but all part of their culture. 

 We drove through the village to and saw just how much they decorate the villages, each family house creates a bamboo pole decorated with coconut leaves and an offering at the bottom, these are called 'penjor' these are supposed to show devotion to the Gods. I really can't explain what they look like, so here is a picture we took yesterday in the village next to where we live ...

Most places are closed now for three days, so we have a nice relaxing few days lay out reading by the pool! Happy Holidays, 

Gemma xxx

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