Monday, 30 January 2012

Has anyone seen January?

Ok, so just looked at the date and its the 30th January already! I think because it's so hot here, it has made me completely lose track of time, we have had no winter so it still feels like July!

We have had quite a quiet January, which was planned because Christmas was crazy and we have visitors coming out in February so we have had a bit of a detox. Well, the detox which started on January 2nd (1st doesn't count) on the 5th, we went out for dinner and ended up getting home at 6am..somehow we ended up at a club!! 

But, apart from that January has been quiet. I also had that horrific heat rash which lasted about  a week, so whilst I had that I spent all of my time lay in my underwear under the air-con - until a friend of mine suggested natural yoghurt! It was an epiphany - ok, I looked a bit mental lay smothered in natural yoghurt, but it really worked! I am always going to make sure we have a stash of it in the fridge for emergencies from now on!!! 

We went white water rafting too, which was so much fun! Here are some pictures...

This was the mid-way break..we were allowed beer!! 
The rules on H&S are a lot leaner here than in the UK! 
Here you get to see just how much of a midget I am!! 

During the second half, it started to really hammer down and 
the rapids got faster..we couldn't see a thing the rain was that heavy! 
At one point, the guide pointed to a level on a rock, 
and said if the water gets to there and you fall - you die!  
This was really what we wanted to hear lol! 

This was the 4 metre drop at the end. We had to lie down in the raft, 
it was so much fun, definately the highlight of the day!

Gemma xx


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    1. It was a lot of fun. We were absolutely soaked through, but we laughed the whole time it was brill! x