Sunday, 26 February 2012

My Week..

This week I have mostly been extremely excited, which has resulted in no sleep which has also meant I have been absolutely shattered! The reason for my excitement...My Mum & Brother are coming to visit for a 2 weeks, they are at Heathrow now waiting to board, we pick them up tomorrow afternoon! Can't wait to see them, it feels longer than 5 months! 

And, if that wasn't Mum is bringing me the Kindle my Nan bought me...whooppp!!

We have not done too much this week, quiet week as the next 2 will be busy busy, luckily the weather has been absolutely beautiful..the hottest since we have been here, so most of our free time has been out by the pool! I downloaded and listened to my first audio book this week, Michael McIntyre: Life & Laughing. It was brilliant, I laughed, and cried! I definately recommend it, especially on audio!

We decided to get out for the day yesterday, it was our monthly book swap and we decided to go to our favourite place for lunch, it's called Tekor Bali and we go there all the time! We sat on the comfy cushions, George read the Bali Advertiser and I started on the Da Vinci Code from the Book Swap! We had a couple of beers each, and gorgeous food as usual and just chatted about randomness. After we went for a walk along the beach, we walked across the wet sand, the sea was like bath water! It was so hot, don't think I have ever felt warm sea before! Only thing was, we hadn't taken our swimmers so couldn't get in properly! 

Not a very exciting week of activities, but I guess the next couple will definately make up for that! 

Hope everyone else has good weeks, Gemma xxx

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