Monday, 20 February 2012

What a Wonderous Weekend..

This weekend has flown by, but actually all of our days at the moment are merging, it's difficult to tell..I know it's Monday today, Facebook is famous for "Oh Crap, Monday again - shoot me" Status Updates

We went to Ubud on Saturday, the hippy, arty capital of Bali..and there were definately a lot of 'Ubuders' (George's nickname for them) around, you know the type, baggy tie dyed clothes, John Lennon Glasses, crazy long multi coloured hair! But aside from that, we love it there!

We both had a Spa treatment, me a facial and George had reflexology. It was gorgeous, an hour of relaxation and pampering..what more could you want! Better still, it cost about £8.50 for the two!!

As I was lay for an hour, I started thinking about trip to Bangkok. Particularly, the Ping Pong shows (I mentioned in another post), and the fact that these ladies can make their 'bit's' do, pretty much everything - writing letters was my personal favourite! I on earth do you figure out you have this talent!? 

Then I started to wonder about other obscure talents; one I have always wondered about is Pole Vaulting - do they find a stick at the park and try to pole vault over the swings? 

I have actually just Googled this, Googled Strange talents, I have found a comment on someone explaining their strange talent "juggling whilst water skiing" Now, that is impressive! Lol! 

I'm sure there are lots more! :)

Gemma xxx

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