Tuesday, 28 February 2012

We have Visitors!!

Mother Hen & Little Bro arrived yesterday, it is so good to see them! We greeted them at the chaotic Denpasar airport, expecting to find them as zombi-fied as we were when we arrived but they were both completely fine, on a bit of an excitement rush we put it down to!!

The long drive back to our house was great; having new people to talk to about all the different areas we drive through, and a lot of the local customs we see on our drive home...which, I am ashamed to say we take for granted now as we're so used to it! They were the perfect passengers, and they loved their tour guide Gemma & Driver George..we could be in the wrong job..!

We all went for a swim when we got back, again we were shocked by this - when we arrived we dumped our bags and went straight to sleep for 14 hours! They finally flaked at 9am...but, this resulted in them waking up at the un-godly hour of 7am! We haven't been up that early for weeks but today has been great, a full day by the pool and me & Mum even got a gorgeous massage to finish off our afternoon! George cooked us the local dish for our dinner, Nasi Goreng (fried rice) and it went down a treat with our guests! I think the next couple of weeks will be a lot of fun..on our agenda are temples, markets, safari parks, water parks, sea food BBQ and as many massages as we can fit in...

I now also have my kindle, I am already in love and can't put it down! I can't believe how small it is, I was expecting iPad...only trouble is now, I can't stop finding new books I want, my Nan may have created a monster buying it for me!!

Ooh, almost forgot about snake watch today! The staff found a snake in the bushes, wasn't a venomous one though, so no panic. We we're sitting on the balcony and it re-appeared just outside on the grass - it was huge, it was a rat snake or something! But luckily when George went near to it, it slithered off really fast! I also got bitten by an ant today, which really hurt the stupid bloody thing!

Gemma xx

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