Sunday, 22 January 2012

Wet Weather Day...

Believe it or not, here in Paradise it's rainy season at the moment, with January being the wettest month! But, to be honest sometimes it is a nice break from the pulsing heat. 

I have a really bad vile heat rash all over my arms, legs, stomach and neck at the moment...I want to rip off my skin - I have cream, but it's rubbish - just have to ride it out, but urgh it is so hard! I struggle to stay out of the sun, feeling guilty for wasting a sunny day - but, as George keeps reminding me "we live here, there are loads of sunny days" I know, and I hate to admit it he is, I was extra glad for the rain yesterday! 

We decided, that rather than sitting in all day we would have a drive out to the cinema. We checked the listings and we're really pleased to find out that Sherlock Holmes 2: A Game of Shadows was showing. So, we took a trip to the cinema.

It's great here, the tickets are only 40,000Rph which is about £3 - makes a huge difference to the whopping great prices in the UK! The only trouble is, people in Asia are very loud in the cinema - something we learnt when I dragged George along to see Breaking Dawn! They come in late and stand chatting in the ailse, rustle bags loudly, talk...and at one point, the girl next to me was even chatting on her phone! This is just one of the many cultural differences we have noticed..

Anyway, so the film..we loved the first Sherlock Holmes and this one did not disappoint! Robert Downy Jr plays an excellent Sherlock, a bit of an eccentric, extremely clever, but also very funny! (and also I might add, quite handsome for an older man). In fact all of the characters are really good Jude Law (who, for some reason I always get mixed up with Ewan McGregor) plays Dr Watson. Stephen Fry also made an appearance as Sherlock's brother, when I saw him I thought oh no, because I really can't stand him but actually he was good, and played a pretty convincing part. 

I really liked the fact that during the film when they find a clue they sum things up so you are able to follow the plot all the way through it doesn't just leave it until the end to try and figure everything out all at once. The 'baddie' in the film is almost as clever as Holmes, so it is touch and go a few times whether they will solve the mystery.....

It's hard to review a film without giving anything away, so I will sum up by saying I really recommend this film, it was action packed without being a 'boys' film, funny, exciting and leaves you wanting more..(with a little bit of eye candy thrown in) 

Gemma xxxx

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