Friday, 20 January 2012

Beautiful Bali Sunsets...

I am sat on our balcony looking out at the sun setting over the sea and the Rice fields, and thought that actually, one of my most favourite things about Bali, are the beautiful sunsets we get to see every day.

Here are two of my favourite sunset pictures..

Very short blog post today, it's Friday night so we are going to sit out on our balcony with a few bottles of Bintang (the local beer) and completely chill out for the evening, listen to music, chat and read our books! Wow in England I would never dream of spending my Friday night this way - long week at work; home, changed and straight to the pub!

That's one of the things about Bali, it is literally impossible to get stressed even when we have worked all week! How can you possibly feel stressed when watching sunsets like these!

I don't think so far I have seen an angry Balinese person.....nope, I really don't think I have - I'll have to check with George but I'm pretty sure we haven't! 

This one of me was taken on Kuta beach, every night 100's of people gather on the beach it is one of my favourite places to be at sunset! 

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